Sofa Cleaning Services

Besides your floor coverings, your upholstery needs attention as well. Periodic vacuuming goes a long way in keeping up the appearance of your couch and chairs, but after a while they will need more than just a vacuuming. You needs our upholstery cleaning service. Human and pet body oils, skin particles, dust, dust mites, pet hair and other allergens can get embedded into the fabric that will require a professional cleaning to remove these pollutants.

The longer you wait, the more damage that can be done to the fabric. Regularly cleaning your upholstery can actually extend the life of your furniture. This is where we come in. Our upholstery cleaning process restores the beauty back into the fabric of your favourite sofa, recliner and/or chair.

- Pre-inspecting the piece to determine what it is made out of. Upholstery manufacturers use a large variety of materials and fabrics, so we need to check for things like whether the material is synthetic or natural, its colourfastness, how soiled it is, are there worn areas or tears we need to be concerned about, and how stable the fabric is. All of these factors will determine how to best clean the piece. If the material can be wet cleaned, we proceed to the next step.

- Fiber ID tests, color migration checks, cushion inspection and shrinkage tests follow in the next step.

- We pre-vacuum all surfaces, especially the cracks and crevices to remove as much dry soiling as possible.

- Then, we pre-spray the fabric with a safe hypo-allergenic cleaning solution and gently agitate the material to loosen and suspend the soil from the fibers.

- Using a specially designed upholstery tool, we then rinse and extract away the suspended soils, paying special attention to areas that are usually more soiled than others like the head and armrests and the sitting area. We make extra dry passes to remove as much moisture as possible.

- At this point, we recommend applying a fabric protectant to help protect the material from future soiling and stains. Dupont Teflon film can be installed for protection.

- Lastly, we groom the fabric and set up air movers to dry the piece as quickly as possible. Drying time can vary depending on the material, but it’s usually dry in 2-3hrs.

- Our team undertakes the final inspection to make sure the upholstery is cleaned properly

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