Pet Urine Damage Treatment

Is your carpet stained from pet urine? Sadly it is becoming a lot more common than you thought, with a growing number of in house pets. Pets are great for companionship and are very caring friends but however they do need some additional care when it comes down to your carpets in order to maintain a healthy environment that bacteria free.

Your pets can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics just by simply urinating on them. Over a period of time without you even knowing, they can be continuously be urinating in one spot which does not just stay there, it pierces through the fibers and adulterate the backing of your carpets along with the flooring material laid below. It is very essential to have these spot cleaned as soon as possible to eliminate and stop potential permanent damage.

How Jones Multi Clean cleaning services can help?

Once the urine is still in its acid state this is when it is the easiest to be removed. Damage starts to occur once the urine is allowed to dry, it then becomes alkaline which then creates a breeding field for bacteria to prosper and linger in your home. The acid in the urine will cause a reaction with the carpet which then bring forth a permanent discoloration to your carpets.

A very unpleasant and annoying odor can be lingering in your home if urine spots goes untreated. Urine odors can be spread through any surface, even if the urine may be dried up, there are still remains which cause buildup of bacteria growth under the carpet which in due course melds in the fibers and paddings of the carpet. These elements left behind can easily be stimulated by the slightest moisture or humidity causing the odor to be more stifling and strong. The only way recommended to completely eliminate the odor is to remove all trace of urine salts in the carpet, from the backing along with the paddings underneath the carpet.

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