Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We provide tremendous and affordable result when it comes to carpet cleaning. We ensure you get results beyond your expectations that will leave your carpet looking and feeling as good as the day you bought it or even better! Jones Multi Clean proudly services the West-Island; Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Pointe-Claire, Vaudreuil (Vaudreuil-Dorion) , Pierrefonds & Roxboro for residential Carpet Cleaning. To achieve these phenomenal results we have a solid 12 steps premium carpet cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Step by Step

Step 1 – Pre-inspection – We do a full walk through with you to identify areas that may need to be focused on such as stains or permanent soil marks. We will take notation on the texture and construction of the carpet to come up with the best solution.

Step 2 – Shoe cover – To prevent dirt tracking onto the carpets that will be eventually cleaned, we always wear white shoe coverings.

Step 3 – Commercial Pre-vacuum – This important “dry soil removal step” is skipped by many companies. We however then use our high powered, HEPA filtration vacuum which eliminates over 99% dirt and small particles that may not be removed by your average home vacuum.

Step 4 – Light Furniture Moving – All furniture will be cautiously removed, including sofas, chairs, tables etc.

Step 5 – Pre-spray & Pre-spot – This step to unbind and loosen the soils and spots, we do a pre-spray with our cleansing products designed for your carpet texture and soil conditions. With this process we don’t have to soak your carpet in order to remove soils!

Step 6 –Deodorizer – We use a basic deodorizer to help eliminate undesired and unwanted scents. This process does not guarantee 100% odor elimination though

Step 7 – Pre-Groom/ Power Scrub –We then extricate entrenched dirt on areas that are heavily soiled.

Step 8 – Deep steam clean – In order to steam clean and rinse carpet a high pressure truck is used, then dirt and water are removed using a powerful suction which leaves your carpet feeling great. Because we want you to have the best results, we use nothing but the best and most advanced technology that won’t leave unwanted sticky residue or soak your floor.

Step 9 – Post Spot Treatment –A special solution and techniques are then used to treat spots that remains after the previous step. With these techniques and special solutions we are placed ahead of other carpet cleaning companies as we are able to remove spots that they aren’t able to.

Step 10 – Speed Dry –We use high velocity air movers immediately placed on the carpet after cleaning to help the carpet to be dried faster.

Step 11 – Post Grooming – To help your carpet dry faster, your carpet is groomed to remove footprints. We will then apply our premium carpet protector (optional) which helps your carpet to slow down wearing and also help you to prevent permanent stains and spots.

Step 12 – Post Inspection – After completing all the above steps, we then have you do a final inspection to ensure you that all standards were met and all expectations are met with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Low Moisture Cleaning

We offer low moisture carpet cleaning with is a very unique process that will get build up, deep down dirt without ever warping, molding, shrinking or leaving any form of sticky residue while leaving your carpet thoroughly looking clean. This is a great modern cleansing process when compared to the length of time water extraction carpet cleaning has been in use.

To carry out the low moisture carpet cleaning, we go through several steps to have your carpet looking new and to get the best results. Firstly an industrial vacuum system will be used to vacuum your carpet thoroughly which will suck up debris that your carpet may have. Then moving into the second process, we will lightly mist your carpet with a hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant which we let sit for just a few minutes to allow it to start the process of breaking down any miner stains or spots.

For tougher stains, we’ll apply a special cleansing formula and put more effort into making sure this cleaner works well to destroy the stain. Then the technician will use an orbital carpet cleaning machine equipped with special cotton pads. These pads used in combination with our orbital machine are designed to gently rub the carpet fibers from the base.

Your Jones Multi Clean technician will pass several times in different directions to ensure the carpet fibers are cleaned in all directions. Next, we will scrape your carpet with a stiff carpet rake to lift the fibers into their upright position. If you had heavy traffic areas or your carpet became flattened, this process could help restore the appearance and comfort of your carpet’s fibers in that section.

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