Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1 – Pre-Wash Inspection
We inspect each rug by using Xenon lighting to search for any previous conditions. After a rug wash you may find that you had soil cover up by dye variations, fiber staining, prior dye bleeding, worn area and also white knots. Our inspections will allow us to see details of any fringe issues, pet urine, any insect damage or other issues that may bring about concerns. After the inspection is through we will then have pictures taken to then be able to discuss in details with you solutions and options before moving forward.

Step 2 – Color and Dye Test
When a rug comes in for treatment, we first do a very vital step before anything else. We search if customer’s rug may have pre-existing conditions such as fugitive dyes, excess dye application which occurs when the rug was being made, if the rug as been exposed to any pervious cleaners or any high heat procedures, any past in home cleanings or even any pet urine issues.

Step 3 – Dusting
After completing the first two steps, we then move on to step 3, dusting. To eliminate years of buildup dirt and debris left deeply settled into the carpet, we do extensive dusting and vacuuming technique to remove dirt, grits, dust mites, pet dander and any contamination that may be hiding under the wool fibers in your carpet.

Step 4 – Treat Stubborn Spots
At the end of completing step 3, we then proceed to remove all spots foregoing the washing procedure by using a special solution to break down spots and stains.

Step 5 – Oriental Rug and Area Rug Pet Urine Decontamination and Treatment
In order to get the best results for pet contaminated rugs, this requires patience, prowess and the most suitable cleaning agents or enzymes that well safely decontaminate and treat pet issues without damaging the rug. Rugs with pet urine issues are isolated by our technicians who will then implement live enzymes to the areas need which is then allowed to settled for 24 hours. With this procedure we guarantee 100% cleanse and decontaminations of any feces, urine and vomits as we prepare for the cleaning process.

Step 6 – Full Bath Submersion
Moving into this procedure, we will have your rug hand washed with the proper amount of cleaning products that best suits the need of your rug depending on its texture, this will be carried out in a large rug bath using a horse hair brush with mild rug shampoo and cool water. To ensure your rug’s maximum protection, we always steer clear crude chemicals, hot water or any high heat.

Step 7 – pH Conditioned Rinse
After cleaning your rug thoroughly we then move forward to giving your rug a thorough rinse to ensure all soil and all remaining cleaning agent from the wash is completely removed for tremendous results. We rinse your rug thoroughly until the final rinse water looks untouched

Step 8 – Drying Process
The drying process of your rug is determined by its structural composition and its age, depending on your rug we will either hang your rug to be dried or set it flat on an elevated drying bed. To make the drying process a bit easier, we use air movers along with dehumidifiers to help control the drying environment.

Step 9 – Fringe Work and Detailing
After having your rug through the previous steps of cleaned and dried, we then go over the fringe carefully with a horse hair brush thoroughlybefore the final inspection procedure. Many fringe on handmade oriental such as wool or silk rugs are usually a cotton made extension of the rug’s warps, however with a machine rugs they usually have the fringe sewn to the rug.

Step 10 – Final Inspection – Wrapped for Storage or Delivery
After completing all of the above procedures, the rug is then carefullyinspected, inch by inch to ensure the highest level of quality was given and all the requirements are met before being carefully wrapped and ready to be handed back to our clients.

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