Housekeeping Services

At Jones Multi Clean we offer nothing but the best when it comes down to anything cleaning. We have a professional team that are fully trained, background-checked, bonded and fully insured that are here to give you phenomenal cleaning services and to execute their duties with the highest level of standard. We strive to build a relationship that is trustworthy and reliable, we also ensure to give maximum security to each of our customers served. Jones Multi Clean helps people just like you find professional trustworthy and affordable housekeeping.

Reliable Housekeeping that is Affordable

For great reliable cleaning service that you can trust, give us a call. We offer services that accommodates any room in your home, from your kitchen, to your bathroom and any other room you need cleaned we will get it done and leave your home with a spotless look and a fresh feel that will keep you content with every inch of your space.

With a busy lifestyle, whether it’s keeping up with the schedules of your kids, demanding jobs and a busy social life that consumes so many hours of your day, it makes it impossible to maintain your home in a cleaning and organized state that you’d love to see it in every day. Because we know how demanding your daily life can be, we ensure that we have appointments that suit your schedules. We will help you maintain your kitchens which over time your stove top, oven and microwaves collects grime and become nasty, your bathroom where toilet bowls, tubs, and showers will start to gather soap scum, your bedroom, hallways and railings wills start to accumulate dust and dirt and will need to be cleaned. Our highly trained and experience professional franchisees will ensure to keep every inch of your home spotless and well cleaned, this will give you back the time needed to relax and enjoy your spare time.

Besides Residential and Condo Cleaning Services, we also offer a wide range of options for Retail and Corporate Property Cleaning Services!

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