Professional tile and grout cleaning
November 3, 2020

Professional tile and grout cleaning

Before-Tile and Grout Cleaning After-Tile and Grout Cleaning
Before | After
  • Our process starts by vacuuming the floor to remove any loose debris.
  • We then mask off any areas around the flooring that may need to be protected during the cleaning.
  • After that, we apply an environmentally friendly cleaner with oxidizing and degreasing capabilities that work deep down into the nooks and crannies to dislodge the dirty soil from the floor
  • We then pay special attention to the grout lines by scrubbing the grout with a specialized brush made specifically for that purpose.
  • Once this has been done, we use a floor machine to thoroughly scrub the rest of the ceramic tile and/or stone.
  • In the next step, we use a pressure washing spinning tool that hooks up to our truck-mounted machine which uses soft hot water to thoroughly rinse and vacuum the emulsified soils off the floor to make it pristine clean.
  • Air movers are then used to quickly dry the floor.
  • Once the floor has dried, a clear penetrating sealer is applied to the grout lines of the ceramic tile. For the ultimate in ceramic tile restoration, a color seal can be applied to the grout after cleaning. The color seal is a pigmented acrylic grout sealer designed to recolor, seal, and restore existing grout joints. It provides a consistent uniform color to the grout, along with a highly sealed and durable finish that comes in a variety of colors. Dirt and food spills cannot penetrate the sealer, they just wipe right off!
  • In the case of natural stone, after the cleaning has been done, we can polish the stone to bring back its luster. A penetrating sealer is then applied to the whole floor to help protect it against future soiling.
  • After the cleaning and sealing are done and the job is finished, we give you tips and suggestions on how to best maintain your floors to retain their appearance.